Thursday, May 21, 2015

Windows Phone Emulator is unable to set the VHD on the virtual machine

This Thursday morning could have started better. I'm in the middle of a month long process to hand over one of our projects to a customers internal dev department when this suddenly happens...

What the... I just have the WP stuff left to document.

I have changed, nothing? And suddenly there is a digital signature verification failure. My first google adventures tell me to reinstall my OS. Not gonna happen. That will send me back into the stone age again.

I tried the following so far:
  • Another emulator
  • Deleted all the emulators from Hyper-V manager
  • Tried to create a new virtual machine from scratch, same error
  • Created a disk manually and tried to attach it
  • Restarted Hyper-V
  • Restarted Windows
Things blew up...

Stressfactor: 60%...

Restart doesn't help, next up is Startup repair that also failed. Restore from a restore point... Didn't work... Refresh my PC? Looks that way... 

Summary of my experience

I'm buying a large external drive later on today to make more frequent backups to. Happy thoughts...

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