Friday, November 21, 2014

Mvvm done right

I attended Microsoft TechDays in Stockholm a couple of days ago and went to a session called "MVVM done right". I must say that I was kind of disappointed since it was just a show on how to set up Caliburn.Micro really. 

This leads me thinking about writing my own article shortly. Perhaps titled "MVVM really done right"! But it might be a little bold to challenge a Windows Phone MVP on the matter.

Any one out there that has a good resource on what MVVM really should look like? Don't point on a framework, give me a real article that explains the architecture instead!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Updating to live Office 365 tools

The API tools for Office 365 have been released. Check out to download.

A few things could be good to know about this release.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of these points. I'm not an Office developer at all. :)

Reauthentication if using multiple services

At least if you're using the tools in an Xamarin Ios app. As long as you're using a single service, you're fine. BUT if you decide to use, let's say Contacts and My Files in the same app then you will have to reauthenticate each time you switch between them.

Getting a folder structure in My Files

Nope, doesn't work. In the preview you could rebuild the structure by using part of the Id of each item returned. This has been changed and there is no way to retrieve the folders in a structured way. You get all folders without them being related.

Updating from preview to live

1. Uninstall all the nuget-packages
2. Add the new packages by right clicking your project, select Add and then select Connected Service.
3. Remove all the permissions or it will fail when you hit OK.
4. Click OK (nothing will happen)
5. Add Connected Services again and reset all your permissions.