Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Setting up MonoGame for iOS in Xamarin Studio

This is a walk-through for setting up MonoGame on an iOS device in Xamarin Studio.

NOTE: The nuget-packages currently does not support 64-bit. I'm sure it will be updated soon.

Create a new iOS project

Create a new solution and add an empty Universal iOS project.

Add the MonoGame nuget package

Right-click the iOS project and select Add -> Add Packages..

Search for MonoGame and select the first package that contains the project Templates.

Rereference the binaries

For some reason, the binaries isn't references correctly. If you build now it will not find any Xna/MonoGame related stuff.

Right-click the iOS project and select Edit References. Navigate back to the projects root folder and then down to Packages/MonoGame.Binaries.3.2.0/build/MonoTouch. Select both assemblies and click the Add button.

Delete the old startup stuff

Remove/delete AppDelegate.cs and Main.cs.

Build and run

The app will hopefully start up with the standard cornflower blue shade of nothingness.

All you have to do now is create a game and get rich!

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