Thursday, June 5, 2014

Xamarin, hard to promote?

I've been working with Xamarin since the MonoTouch days and I've always found it to be a great product. The buzz around it is huge at the moment but the pricing still makes it very hard for a self-appointed Xamarin ambassador like myself to get people to try it.

-"Use the free version", they tell me.

Well, a major selling point for using Xamarins stuff is the Visual Studio integration. Don't get me wrong, Xamarin Studio is very competent but developers who's using VS don't want another IDE.

-"There is a 30 day (90 day with MSDN) full trial ", they continue...

Sure, but it's not enough time for most full time working developers who wants to learn something new on their spare time. Remember, they must learn iOS and Android SDKs as well.

So please, let one of these things happen:
  • Microsoft, just buy them and integrate it into the MSDN subscription. This is your chance to embrace a huge market share for developing for Android and iOS
  • Extend the trial to 180 days to make it easier for us to promote the product
  • Lower the price per seat for Business
  • Allow for VS integration in the free version
Yup, that's pretty much my solution for everything. Have a good one...

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