Thursday, April 17, 2014

Xamarin and Build 2014

I headed of to Build 2014 in San Fransisco with my mind pretty much set at hearing the announcement that Microsoft would buy Xamarin.

That did not happen...

At first I was kind of disappointed. But after a while I kinda changed opinion. What would happen with Xamarin if they were to be aquired. First of, the free spirit of Miguel de Icaza would not be so free anymore. And Xamarin is still to young to be chained down and having to ask Microsoft what direction to take.

Xamarin is growing fast, mostly due to venture capital I'd guess and they'll have to use this cash smart to get a firm grip of the developer base. I think they're on the right path. Suddenly everyone around me is talking about Xamarin and I'm not really used to that. It's usually me trying to push Xamarin onto developers, now they are pulling it out of me. That's a good change!

Still there are a few things on my list to make good better.

  • Lower entry level pricing. $1998 is to much cash for the small business. The cost for the license is still the part that I spend most of my time trying to justify.
  • A designer for iOS in Visual Studio
  • A build server for iOS, not the 1-1 relationship
Other than that, it's all good! :)

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