Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stupid space error in Xamarin studio (rant goes on)

Short version

When cloning a git repository with a space (%20) in the name. Rename the directory after cloning. The build engine will not find the project file otherwise.

Verbose version

I sat down to clone a git repository that I have hosted in visual studio online.

The project name was something like "Nice thingy" so the repository address looked something like below.

No worries, I just copied the url, started a bash and typed

git clone

All went well and the code was cloned. But, I doesn't build. All I get is "Build failed. See the build log for details.".  First off, I couldn't find the build log.

After some google-fuu I stumbled upon a tip to check the Help->Open Log Directory and checked out the logs in there. It seems that the %20 confuses the build engine and it simply doesn't find the project to build.

So rename the folder and the project builds!

Also on my todo-list, clean the mac screen. My son played minecraft and had a donut at the same time


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