Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What kinda game would I like to make?

I know what kind of game I want to create. Or rather, I know what kind of feeling I would like to have when I play that game that I've created.

I want a game that starts with micromanagement and continues on to macromanagement with the possiblity to dive into the details if I’d like to. The game should live online and evolve when I’m not in it, it should notify me when something important happens and it should let me high-level-manage it from outside the game universe.

I’m thinking of a game that let’s you create the machines that refine your resources. Trade with other players and even work for other players by selling the machines that make the stuff.

It should be a multiple screen game that morphs function after available screen size. It should be snappable in Windows 8 and look like a business app in order to fool you boss.

The graphics should be dark to highlight the fact that this is a cruel and competitive universe. Features should be added but not communicated to add to the feeling that there´s always something new to be found.

There shall be no predetermined missions and no guided gameplay. Definitly no story to follow.

You make the story by interacting with other players.

All I need now is a year or two to finish it in...

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