Friday, May 17, 2013

Got motivation?

This will be a short, spontaneous post about the importance of beta testers. While drinking my morning coffee, minding my own business, I got a mail...

"You have been challenged in WordRoom by Karl-Henrik Nilsson"

That sentence really made me happy! (strange since I wrote the template myself)...

I played my part of the match, lost and started to chat with Karl-Henrik instead. He gave me about 10 new points on how to improve the game right of the bat! This kind of feedback really energizes me since it gives me an opportunity to fix problems and be able to make a better version of WordRoom that is based on someones perception of the game! And it's always those tiny, small things that will make or break your game.

The point of the post is to invite testers early. Invest your time in people that will help you back and stand ready to return the favor!

And follow KH on twitter @KHNilsson for good insights into the IT world.

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