Thursday, May 2, 2013

Design by statistics

WordRoom has been live for roughly seven months now, from the launch of Windows 8 in october 2012. We've learned a lot on the way but the most important lession is that of statistics. You need to know what your users are doing in the game. In this post I make an mini-analysis of the startpage on iPhone and Windows Phone.


For example, iPhone users play longer sessions than any other platform. The wierd part is that they favor single player. They simply hit the large "Single player" button on the start page and ignore the multiplayer part. What we could do is try to educate the users by adding some more info to the startup-guide or rephrase "tap to challenge" or color it differently to stand out.

Windows Phone

WP users on the other hand play a lot online in direct matches. Most definitely because the online button is the first thing they see when they log on. When they press "start a new game" they are passed on to the online page. There is simply no way to know that the single player is tucked away in the panorama item to the right.

By tracking the usage we can make small changes to a platform and evaluate the result. By having WordRoom on five different platforms gives us the possibility to make minor adjustments to one platform and evaluate a change before we go live with the rest.

This is just two out of five platforms available. Each having their own usage patterns.

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