Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Microsoft Windows Azure Gaming Summit

Just got home from an amazing event at Heathrow. The visit started of with some beer in the bar the night before the offical event. Had a great talk with Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo. That guy know what he's talking about and opened up my eyes on the importance of market analysis. His talk at the summit the day after was even better! Might have been the best talk of the event.

Rob Craft from Microsoft also delivered a great talk about the cloud and games. It amazing to watch the transformation of Microsoft to the open alternative that it is today.

Also a couple of sneak previews of some great upcoming games, like Galaxy Fire and League of the Damned.

And what I would see as one of the coolest games out right now, Galactic Reign from Microsoft Studios. Check it out!

I also promised at a week moment to write a blog post of how easy it would be to start using mobile services by adding a leaderboard to my game Whack-A-Bug (created in 8 hours to test out the Windows Store Certification experience). So I'd better get started on that aswell.

Also we got a lot of new input on the subject of our game WordRoom and where we should take it in the future.

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