Monday, March 4, 2013

The experiment has begun!

As stated in a blog post earlier, WordRoom for iPhone is an experiment. The thesis to prove is that iOS users in general are more generous than any other platform users. I believe this is true.

Exibit A - myself

I try to use different platforms whenever possible and iPhone-using-me bought apps all the time. Mostly games for my son, but still I bought them. I never argued about 99 cents.

Exibit B - bad model in Microsoft Store

Microsofts store offers trials. That's great for the consumer but not so much for the developer. A lot of people will buy an app for 99 cents to try it out. Microsoft removes that business from developers and overall lowers the turn-around of their store.

Exibit C - android users in general

Always want everything for free. I haven't met an android user that wants to pay for anything. :) (oh, this is going to hurt)...

Results will be posted as soons as we have some hard (objective) facts! :)

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