Monday, March 11, 2013

More polish - all that extra

Looking at WordRoom, we are closing in on a final set of features that we want to include. One new *secret* feature is under development and will be shipped in the Windows 8 version first and then ported to iOS, Android and WinPhone. Why Win8 first? Simply because we find it to be the easiest ecosystem to develop for and the certification time is only hours.

Are we done then?

Putting aside the fact that we always need new word lists and languages, we still have to continue to polish the game. Adding animations, sounds and fine tuning the graphics and such stuff. The new iOS version, for example, is a complete graphical remake. Every image is pixel perfect and nothing has to scale. The next update will focus on bringing more animations into the game. Like dust and smoke when you get your stars and perhaps achivements. I think people are more likely to return if the package looks good.

It's very satifying to have reached this stage of the project and somewhat scary to realize that the actual gameplay part of the game is so small compared to the polish...

What do you think could be added to the game that would fall under the categories of 'polish' or 'extras'?

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