Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why is making games so interesting?

What is it about making a game that makes us nerds go crazy? I'm talking about the single programmer who's been trying to make a game his/hers whole life but never seems to be able to finish it? The once of us sitting up late nights hacking away in c++/c#/objective-C, knowing that we probably could finish this faster using GameMaker.

Personally it took until being 33 before finishing my first game (WordRoom for Win 8, WP, iOS and Android) and that was mostly because we (I write we, since we are actually two people making the game) had a good deal of help from Microsoft to start our business up. Thx @microsoft. I still work at Sogeti and will do so for many years.

How many games have I started? Who knows, but the start to finish ratio is not looking good? I know I'm not the only one with this crappy ratio around. So the question is: "Why do we keep starting new projects"?

After a lot of thought I can only come up with these conclusions:

* We like to solve problems that we can choose to solve. At work you get assigned a boring business related problem, at home you choose your problem. Can I add smoke to that car while it's burning? Well YES I CAN! (another evening lost)

* We think we are going to get rich! :) Admit it, you want to make the next Minecraft.

* We imagine it would be heaven to be working with games! Working late nights with WordRoom, especially the back end parts, I realized that this is just another business. The pro's of this business is that there is almost no support to end users.

* Game makers are nerd rock stars? And who doesn't wanna be a rock star!

I'll keep looking into this subject from time to time.

If anyone's interested in WordRoom, here's the link: WordRoom for Win8

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