Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The shy game maker

I have a problem!

We made a game me and my friend. The game works fine and after six months of fine tuning it's actually a high quality product. That's not the problem.

The problem is, how do we let people know about the game? We need to market it as well. It's not enough to put it out on the store and hoping that it downloads itself. We don't have the cash for broad marketing since we have only about 3K downloads so far. We've recently turned to AdDuplex for win8 and winphone but still it's not enough to get the ball rolling.

So what's the solution?

I would say that you could go two ways. The first way is to pay good money for online ads. But again that's not our solution since we don't have the cash. It would probably cost tens of thousands of dollars to pull of on a large scale. I am temped however to try out the 100K impressions a month on AdDuplex for about $400. I do not think my wife is as enthusiastic about that as I am. So the first way is pretty much a no-go.

The second way is to know people or get to know them. Somebody famous needs to say that they like the game. A game blogger or someone who made a random large block placing game. This brings the biggest problem to the surface (I'm writing this on a Surface as well, pun intended). I don't want to bother people, even less calling them up to talk about my game. I guess I'm shy, that's my problem.

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