Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The fear of monetizing

Our game WordRoom was released for windows 8 in november of 2012, followed by Windows Phone in late december. Combined we have about 3000 downloads and a couple of hundred active users that play every day. The game is free and our initial thought was to monetize through ads. Well, as you can guess we're not making any money at all with the current download numbers so we added In-App-Purchase for those who just can't stand ads. The number of purchases is below 10. Since we aren't making any cash from ads we recently switched to AdDuplex to promote the app instead. I'll follow up with a specific post about how AdDuplex works out.

So far, this is not a problem. This is a start-up that will take time and determination. The problem is that at the moment, I don't want to bother the user with popups to buy premium since I feel that it will scare the few users away. I feels like we are punishing those who actually play the game!

We are very soon releasing for iOS and Android. For the iOS version we are going to try something different to break this trend. We are going to charge $1 for the app and this for two reasons.

1) iOS users are more likely to pay than any other user group
2) A user finds value in a paid app and it's more unlikely to be deleted

Comments on that?

About WordRoom

WordRoom is a Competitive Word Search game that focus on direct online gaming between two peers. You can also play single player. It is cross platform using MonoTouch.

WordRoom is available in Swedish and English, soon also Italian and Spanish.
Available for Windows 8, Windows Phone
Soon on iOS and Android using MonoTouch


  1. 3) and user is more likely to not buy it at all.

    I sure agree that you need to make some money from your app, you haven't spent all that time developing it for nothing, you ought to make a living if people fancy it enough.

    Developers are currently living in this strange fear that if they add any sort of monetizing scheme to their app, users will flock away towards the free alternative in rebellion.

    This is a hard world we are living in.

    1. Just wanted to offer you some feedback and we did sell a couple of copies a day it was on the cost of growth. We have now released WordRoom for iOS free and see a lot more trafik (30-40 daily downloads). So the question right now is advertising or IAP.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Valuable insight! I'll be sure to post my results as soon as I got any. This is the heart of the fear to monetize. You don't dare to charge for your products since user will choose an inferier (subjective wording :) ) free product.